• 30 Min. $80/ BRCC Member: $70
  • 5 - 30 Min BRCC Member package: $300
  • 1 Hour $125/ BRCC Member: $95
  • 5 Hour package: $550/ BRCC Member: $425
  • Playing Lessons and Group Rates are available upon request. 
  • Live 30-Minute Online Lesson: $80
  • Phone Consultations 15 minutes: $40   30 Min: $60


I had a 60-minute lesson with Casey. My first lesson ever even though I've been playing golf for 20 years. My drives always go to the right. Casey analyzed my swing, changed my grip, and now my drives are super straight!! I should've taken a lesson a long time ago! My kids also enjoy Casey's classes!
Teaching area pic
Dr. Teresa Biggerstaff
Every time I leave Casey I feel more comfortable about my game!
Wesley Patterson
Casey is an excellent instructor. He picked up on my major swing flaws within six swings and had me working on corrective action. I like his enthusiasm and positive attitude.
Cylde Dominey
Casey is a great teacher that makes learning fun and rewarding. I have played golf for 53 years but had the wrong concept of hitting the ball. Casey has me hitting the golf ball higher and straighter. I look forward to each lesson.
Bryce Smith
Our son, Zachary has taken weekly lessons from Casey for over four years. When we first started lessons, Zach was only eight years old and Casey knew how to focus an overactive little boy and make instruction super fun with games and trick shots. After a year or so, Zach started competing in junior golf tournaments and Casey would prepare and support him every step of the way. Casey gave him playing lessons (on several courses and not just the driving range) that took his game to another level. Another thing we found beneficial is his interactions with us (the parents). He made sure we understood his instruction in the lesson so we could reinforce the fundamentals during golf tournaments and practice.  Zachary developed a very special bond with Casey and unfortunately work moved us to Texas 2 years ago. Casey continues to communicate with us and Zach is still receiving instruction from him using golf video apps. We email some swing videos of his playing and he emails back several videos with play by play discussion of his swing and drills to improve any issues. Zachary is now almost 14 and has had interactions with several golf instructors in Texas and they always ask me who helped to develop his swing and technique and I proudly tell them Casey Cline.
Sheri Davies
Casey tweaked my grip and also showed me on a video the before and after. I hit drives and irons further now and in the fairway(most of the time). After taking a pitching/ chipping/ putting lesson I've dropped my handicap by 8 strokes. 
Scott Lahti